TheScore Bet to Exit the Us as Part of Its Canadian Expansion Plans

Canada Pinned on a Map with its Flag

The gaming and betting platform, theScore Bet, has announced that it will be ending its operations in the United States in the next few months. Currently, the betting operator is functioning in four states in the United States, and according to the announcement, the exit will begin on June 15. The exit from the US, however, will be in phases, and the first phase will start this June when the betting operator will stop accepting new bets all together. This action will be followed by an intensified effort to expand to Canada.

Bettors Granted Enough Time to Clear Their Balances

Canada Pinned on a Map with its Flag As of April 1, 2022, Ontario has been opened for private operators, and theScore feels that its current operations in Colorado, New Jersey, Indiana, and Iowa are no longer viable for them as a company. However, customers from the United States will be able to withdrawal their funds until July 1, when all operations will be shut down completely. US customers will have to look elsewhere to place bets on their favorite sporting events thereafter.

The recent decision of the betting operator to withdraw from the US markets has been attributed to poor performance, over-saturation, or a long-term plan to expand into as many markets as possible. Penn National Gaming already holds a majority stake in Barstool Sportsbook after their acquisition deal in 2020.

Contrastingly, moving to Canada has been proven to be a long-term strategic decision, but all events settled and graded before July 1 will be duly honored. By implication, the NHL and NBA playoffs will not suffer from the premature withdrawal. Despite this, the operator recommended that their consumers complete every withdrawal process before July 1.

As a means ACH transfers of follow-up after July 1, theScore Bet will take matters into its own hands by using mail checks and ACH transfers to ensure customers get their remaining balances. However, anyone with an outdated address will need to get in touch with theScore Bet customer support in its final month to clarify the issue.

The Continuation of theScore and Barstool Technological Integration

The president and COO of theScore, Benjie Levy, clarified the matter. He said that the long-term plan of Barstool is to cover the markets in North America, and to ensure that there is a specific flagship brand that is leading each. Currently, theScore Bet is investing substantial efforts in elevating its status in Canada starting from Ontario.

The statement from Levy reads: “With theScore Bet launched and thriving in Ontario, and as we approach a major undertaking this summer with the launch of our proprietary risk and trading service, the timing is right to focus our US efforts on marketing Barstool Sportsbook and our Canadian efforts on marketing theScore Bet.”

Also, theScore Bet is working to help Barstool transition completely to its in-house betting platform in a bid to boost the technology integration between the two companies and also to nurture their synergies. The trading platform and account management of theScore Bet have been considered effective, and by the end of 2023, Barstool is expected to complete the switch. Also, Levy is sure that this will help the overall position and reach of the brand in the US market.

Author: Dale Alvarez