NSW Premier Says Sydney Casino of The Star Entertainment Could Be Shut in a Fortnight If Company Fails to Comply with Inquiry Findings

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The Premier of New South Wales (NSW) has warned The Star casino in Sydney that it could be forced to close in two weeks in case the gambling operator does not comply with a court order to provide a detailed explanation of why its services should not be ceased.

Dominic Perrottet warned the Australian gambling giant about the possible consequences for the Sydney-based gambling venue only a day after the damning inquiry into the company unveiled it as unsuitable to operate its casino there. Mr Perrottet explained that The Star Entertainment has 14 days to respond to the report, and if it did not, it was likely to close.

On September 13th, the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) officially issued a show clause notice to the operator after the report by Commissioner Adam Bell SC, who conducted the investigation, was released. As Casino Guardian already reported, the chief commissioner Philip Crawford unveiled that the casino giant has allowed foreign interference, including criminal organisations, money laundering and fraud, to infiltrate the casino for years.

Apart from the company, the state Government faced criticism for not sending a clear message to the Australian gambling giant and pretty much turning a blind eye to the scandalous transgressions of the biggest casino companies in the country in return for the millions of dollars it receives in tax revenue every year.

The Star Entertainment’s Corporate Culture Remains Commissioners’ Major Concern

The independent Member of Parliament Andrew Wilkie has urged federal bodies such as the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) to work in collaboration with a national casino regulatory body. He noted that simply imposing monetary penalties on gambling operators is not enough to guarantee that these practices would not continue.

Considering the fact that gambling operators are major single-site employers that generate massive tax revenue for state and territory Governments.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has ruled out the chance of imposing stricter regulations on the two biggest casino companies in the country. On September 14th, he explained that it is up to the states how they respond to such cases, because the companies offer their services within each state.

According to Mr Albanese, state regulatory bodies were doing a good job of holding the casino operators accountable for their actions. The country’s Prime Minister explained that he did not favour regulation for the sake of regulation, so it was really hard to argue that either Crown Resorts or The Star Entertainment were not being held responsible for their transgressions at this very moment.

Yesterday, chief commissioner Philip Crawford shared that the report made for “sad reading” and provided some details regarding the fact that The Star Entertainment has not done enough for harm minimisation. He said that the company has demonstrated exceptional institutional arrogance, and its willingness to put its financial goals first has been appalling. Mr Craword further noted that commissioners’ major concern was associated with the corporate culture of The Star Entertainment, especially because there seems to be no short-term fix.

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Daniel Williams

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