Mask Are Not Mandatory at Las Vegas Casinos Anymore

A Red Sign Saying Masks Not Required

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak waived the condition to wear a mask shortly before the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Face masks became required in Las Vegas casinos in July 2021.

A Red Sign Saying Masks Not RequiredHowever, the state will no longer require people to use masks, and deregulation will apply to most businesses in Nevada, according to Governor Sisolak.

The announcement came only three days before Super Bowl Sunday, one of the crowded travel days in Las Vegas every year. Millions of visitors were expected to travel to State Nevada this weekend, especially from California State, to watch the National Football League match between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

According to Sisolak, just as vaccines, face masks are a helpful tool. He hopes that, in the future, residents and visitors to Nevada will wear masks in public places. Businesses can yet mandate clients and workers to use face masks.

More About the Mask Regulation in Nevada

Local casinos are not handling well the potential losses of Super Bowl players due to face mask possession. Many local residents expressed dissatisfaction with the continuation of the mission, which lasted almost 23 months. In June 2021, Clark County withdrew the permit for the use of masks, but Sisolak removed it within a month later because of an increase in coronavirus patients.

There are only some exceptions in the law, including that wearing a face mask is not mandated in fully vaccinated communities. In the case of 2021 WSOP, face masks were only necessary to the dealer and not to seated players. Every participant had to prove they are vaccinated against coronavirus in order to be eligible to participate.

However, during and after the WSOP, the masks were still required at other poker rooms in Las Vegas. The COVID-19 vaccine has never been mandatory for casino visitors in Las Vegas, only for WSOP participants.

The Current State of Poker in Las Vegas

There are currently 19 poker rooms open in Las Vegas, down from a dozen prior to the pandemic in March 2020. Some formerly famous card rooms, for example, Mirage and Green Valley Ranch are still locked, and casinos have no plans to unlock poker rooms anytime soon. At Green Valley Ranch, the old poker room is currently empty.

However, the largest and most famous poker rooms were already reopened last summer. These include Wynn, Bellagio, Aria, and Venetian, located on the Las Vegas Strip.

From now on, Nevada poker players no more need to use masks while sitting at the poker table. Most games probably still have quite a few hidden players, but this is no longer necessary. It includes eating out at restaurants, slot machines, shopping, board games, and visiting all properties in Las Vegas, excluding the airport.

Wearing Face Masks Still an Option

Stephen Thayer, Strat General Manager, said that he was glad his workers no longer had to play as masked cops and that he is happy that workers can once again concentrate on their primary mission.

Thayer and Governor Sisolak are asking for respect for those who choose to use face masks in Las Vegas. Customers and workers still have the choice and full right to wear face masks indoors if they choose to.

Author: Dale Alvarez