Kansas’ Plan to Launch Sports Betting for the NFL is Uncertain

Writing "Launch" with Scrabble Tiles

The launch date for the upcoming Kansas sports betting market is still uncertain. The initial expected date for the market opening is September 8 (when the NFL season kick-offs), but officials for the Kansas Lottery have said that they are unsure if this can still happen. Although, they don’t rule out the possibility.

Writing "Launch" with Scrabble TilesCory Thone, the Kansas Lottery Public Information Officer, said, “It is moving. It’s progressing, but the most important thing for us and everyone is that we want the product to be secure, functional, and safe to use”. He further said that they don’t want it to launch and later go down.

Kansas is approaching some of the first deadlines outlined in the state’s law legalizing sports betting. The KRGC (Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission) must have a process in place by August 1 to complete background investigations on sportsbook platforms.

Simultaneously, the Gaming Commission is developing regulations that will oversee the market. The regulator’s board is expected to initiate them next month, and the Kansas Lottery will then begin the process of approving sportsbook platforms on September 1.

Partnerships Announced in Anticipation of the Launch

The four casinos that are state-owned have already announced a collaboration with sportsbook platforms in anticipation of the launch. This will finally allow both mobile and retail sports betting in Kansas. Each casino can form a partnership with up to 3 online operators.

The upcoming market in Kansa has gotten a lot of attention because it is one of the most recent states to legalize sports gaming and will most likely be the only one to open this fall. Furthermore, it may benefit from Missouri’s failure to legalize sports betting this year.

Boot Hill Casino and Resort in Dodge City is one of the venues that is about to launch sports betting. It has already announced mobile betting collaborations with Bally Bet and DraftKings.

Details About the Kansas Sports Betting Law

Kansas’ sports betting law went into effect on July 1. The state has until the beginning of next year to completely open sports betting. This law calls for a 10 percent tax on each bet, with the state expecting to raise $41 million over the next 5 years.

After several years of failed attempts, lawmakers finally succeeded in passing sports gaming legislation in the state that allows for both retail and mobile betting at casinos. However, it is important to mention that this is possible because back in 2018 the Supreme Court finally granted the right each state to choose whether to legalize sports betting or not on their own.

Native American tribes that are recognized can also apply to the Kansas Lottery director and Kansas Governor to start operating a sportsbook under similar terms and conditions that applies to the four casinos of the state.

One of the most discussed features of the sports betting law is the call for tax revenue to be used as an incentive for professional sports teams. This move has fueled speculation that the state is attempting to entice the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs from Missouri.

Author: Dale Alvarez