EPIC Risk Management Unveils New Customer Interaction Masterclass in Line with the UKGC Requirements

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EPIC Risk Management has revealed some plans to update its Interactions Masterclass in order to make sure that gambling operators that take the course are aware of the new requirements that the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is expected to deploy on September 12th, 2022. In a press release published earlier this week, the company informed that the move is being taken as a preventative measure.

The UK gambling regulatory body is set to roll out a total of 14 new requirements, so EPIC Risk Management is willing to make sure that the relevant stakeholders in the sector, which benefit from taking the organisation’s classes, properly understand what is expected of them.

The rules and guidelines are set to aim at helping parties involved in the gambling market get more clarity on various matters, including gambling-related harm and help them recognise the early signs of such behaviour.

The aforementioned measures have been specially designed to provide the stakeholders with the chance to make sure that they can tackle gambling harm in the local gambling industry. As the company itself noted, the measures proposed by the UK gambling regulatory body were well-aligned with the mission of EPIC Risk Management to keep a healthy attitude towards the prevention of gambling-related harm.

Gambling Companies Required to Implement Tools and Mechanism to Monitor Their Customers’ Behaviour

The UKGC revealed that it expects gambling operators to implement mechanisms and tools that would provide them with the chance to monitor the behaviour of their customers in a way that would allow them to recognise early signs of addiction and gambling-related harm. As EPIC Risk Management announced, its Interactions Masterclass is compliant with the Commission’s customer Interactions 3.4.3 changes, providing the interested stakeholders with the tools to make sure they are compliant with the quickly changing regulatory environment.

The Interactions Masterclass has been accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. Gambling companies will be given the chance to use the knowledge they get through the aforementioned Masterclass to identify the major signs of early gambling-related harm, risky behaviour, customer vulnerability, etc. Epic Risk Management has so far been actively working to make sure that the acquired knowledge is used in a way that allows the company to serve as an active role model in the industry and use policy decisions and give directions to stakeholders that are willing to remain in line with the necessary regulatory standards.

Dan Spencer, the director of safer gambling at EPIC Risk Management, shared that he was pleased with the changes enacted by the country’s Gambling Commission, as well as the chance to educate gambling operators about these changes. He confirmed that the course had been updated to the UKGC’s new guidance and was fully accredited.

Mr Spencer shared that the Interactions Masterclass was focused on providing the stakeholders with the ability to reach out to players who were potentially exposed at risk and may need some help at an early stage of their gambling addiction. Apart from that, customer interactions are brought to a whole new level through the new standards that are being introduced on one hand, and the course-building of EPIC Risk Management, which allows companies to get a better perspective of what needs to be done.

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