Boris Johnson Possibly Stepping Down, Betting Odds on New Prime Minister

The Opinion of Voters

The Opinion of VotersBoris Johnson’s name has been embroiled in a scandal after the rule-breaking, which seems to be taking place under his office after the Coronavirus outbreak. After weeks of gaffes, political mess, and allegations, the prime minister’s future is still rather unpredictable, still more since he is yet to come clean about what actually happened.

Now, the prime minister of Great Britain has a lot of questions to answer after the revelations that have led to a police investigation and official inquiry. It is expected that as a result of the flouting of the Covid measures that were introduced and implemented precisely by the people who work on Downing Street, most of them will face fixed penalty notices.

It turns out that after the Coronavirus outbreak and the introduction of strict measures, a series of rule-breaking parties were held on Downing Street. The scandal is deepened further after emails, videos, and photos from some of these events emerged, thus fueling the simmering public anger. There are allegations that the parties were held after London introduced stricter Covid restrictions and have started in the spring of 2020 and are said to have run until Christmas the same year.

Mr. Johnson’s tight corner has a significant impact on the betting markets, and most bookmakers have chosen to lengthen the odds that he will step down because of the social events that took place behind the scenes.

What Is “Partygate” All About

“Partygate”The draconian restrictions did not stop officials from attending leaving events, Christmas parties, and other social events, which fueled the voters’ furry. The revelations about the alleged parties held on No.10 understandably sparked public fury as they were held after the introduction of strict lockdown restrictions and the prohibition to leave your home without a reasonable excuse.

As a result, Johnson’s Conservative Party sunk in opinion polls, which is only natural considering the public anger, which started to grow after the first reports of the parties that took place on and around Downing Street. All the more so considering that initially, Johnson rebuffed the questions about such events and even said that his staffers and aides have never toed the line.

In spite of Mr. Johnson’s claims that some of these gatherings were actually work events, his words did not mollify the seething Brits. There is a series of reports about the parties that here held on Downing Street while some tougher Covid restrictions were in force.

What comes next for Boris Johnson is the question many people keep asking themselves. The all-time low support for the prime minister shows the impact of the deepening scandal. The support for the Conservative party is in great jeopardy as a result of the “partygate” scandal, and polls prove this beyond doubt.

The Opinion of Voters

The Opinion of VotersBoris Johnson’s decline in popularity is both dramatic and swift, and his approval ratings plummeted in next to no time. Voters across Great Britain are firm that the prime minister should stand down after he lied to them. After the revelations, around 66% of adults are of the opinion that Johnson should step down. Around 42% of the former supporters of the Conservative Party have shifted their ground and now think that the prime minister needs to step down.

Thus, the share of people who think that it is time for Boris Johnson to leave his post has escalated by 33%. The approval of the prime minister has dropped so dramatically that today, he is less popular than Theresa May.

The prime minister is now hugely considered to be unfit for the office even though he already apologized for attending a gathering, which took place almost two years ago, thus flouting the pandemic rules. Considered a law-breaker and liar, Boris Johnson once led the Conservative Party when it won by a landslide, thus seeing one of its biggest victories for a while now and sitting atop an 80-seat majority.

As more and more details are unveiled about the alleged gatherings, Mr. Johnson’s Conservative Party keeps on falling in the polls. Whether the tenure of the prime minister will continue is still unclear, considering that his approval rating has sunk to 22%. Not to mention that Labor is now 10 points ahead, which is their greatest achievement since 2014.

It also turns out that more than 45% of the voters who supported the Conservative Party back in 2019 and who were pro-Brexit now think that Mr. Johnson’s tenure should be terminated. Just 39% of the Brexiteers are of the opinion that the prime minister should not step down. According to the available data, almost half of the Conservative Party’s supporters think that Mr. Johnson should stand down. A significant chunk of the Tory supporters also believe that the prime minister should resign.

Only 8% of people believe that the beleaguered prime minister has not broken the rules. According to polls, nearly 70% of the people believe that Mr. Johnson and his team have flouted the restrictions. Besides, the lion’s share of the respondents does not believe that the Prime Minister is telling the truth about the revelries.

Mr. Johnson’s task is not at the least easy as he should attempt to stop the letters for a no-confidence vote and avert the growing number of resignations. Mr. Johnson’s leadership will be challenged, provided that at least 54 members of the Conservative Party send letters of no confidence.

No matter what voters think about the saga, it has been in the public eye for so long that many debates and important decisions are already squeezed out of the agenda. It turns out that Mr. Johnson is about to raise taxes, while inflation, energy bills, and interest rates have all seen an increase. Thus, in spite of the fact that the prime minister spent the last few days in an effort to persuade wavering legislators to support him, his attempts seem all the more doomed.

Partygate Goes Viral on Social Media

The scandal about the Downing Street lockdown parties has the Internet in stitches, and memes and tweets keep on flooding it after Mr. Johnson’s claims that some of these revelries were merely work events. Social media erupted after he argued that the events are technically within the rules, after which he said that he is sorry.

PartyGate led to a real frenzy of mockery, and this is only a small portion of the memes and tweets that have flooded the Internet. The tweets about #DowningStreetParties #BorisMustGo #BorisResign were trending not only on Twitter but they were also growing on TikTok and Instagram.

It is Boris Johnson who should quit, for making scurrilous remarks in order to distract from his own deceitful and disgraceful conduct over the #DowningStreetParties #JohnsonOut10

— Chris Rennard 🔶💙 (@LordRennard) February 3, 2022

“@BorisJohnson attended a prosecco-fuelled leaving do for a No 10 aide during the strict post-Christmas lockdown, which is now under police investigation”
#JohnsonOut8 #JohnsonOut9

— Marisha Ray 🔸 (@MarishaRayLD) February 1, 2022

Completely unsurprising that the Met police commissioner Cressida Dick has effectively gagged Sue Gray’s report into parties at Number 10. A crude cover up. #BorisMustGo

— Diane Abbott MP (@HackneyAbbott) January 28, 2022

Let’s keep the pressure up.#BorisMustGo

— Sarah Jones #FBPE (@sarahsevenoaks) February 1, 2022

It seems now that #CarrieAntoinette held a birthday party for #BorisJohnson with 30 guests wining and dining in the Cabinet Room at #DowningStreet while the rest of the country was in lockdown.#BorisResign #BorisJohnsonResign

— Positively4thStreet (@Positively4thS) January 24, 2022

Boris Johnson: “All guidance was followed completely in No 10.”

He lied to Parliament.

— Led By Donkeys (@ByDonkeys) January 31, 2022

Boris Johnson’s Future As A Prime Minister Latest Odds

oddsThe current scandal-driven collapse makes Johnson’s future unclear, and although he was once considered the most appealing figure of the party, today, the resentment of the voters can make them overthink their support. Going out of the predicament might turn out to be a real challenge, all the more so because of the parties’ rivalry for electoral.

Yet, the question is whether the previous loyalties of voters can outweigh their resentment because of the multiple revelries that took place in spite of the strict measures. Boris Johnson’s future as Primer Minister seems rather unpredictable, and whether we will resign in the next few months or he will lead the party to the elections has turned into a hot topic.

It seems that, for the most part, Brits consider that it is high time for Johnson to resign as soon as possible. The slump in the support of voters has made many Conservative MPs insist that the prime minister should leave office. Although forcing the prime minister out is by no means remotely easy, this is not to say that it is impossible.

Another probable scenario sees Boris Johnson remaining in office until the elections that will take place in May and leaving the Conservative Party after this. In spite of the fact that many people think that Boris Johnson needs to fall on his sword as soon as possible, there are slim chances that he might hold office until a confidence vote is held. It is doubtful whether a confidence vote will go through as some members of the government think that nearly all Tory MPs will give their support, while others say that the votes against will be in the neighborhood of 160.

That being said, Boris Johnson’s critics are unlikely to put a confidence vote to the table if they are not absolutely certain that they will get the needed approval. All the more so when no consensus is reached on who to take up his place.

Another scenario, which seems highly unlikely at this point, is Boris Johnson to hold the post of prime minister even after the May elections.

As it seems, at this point, the Conservative Party has no other candidate to rally around, which makes the situation all the more complicated. After Theresa May was brought down, Brexeteers recognized Mr. Johnson as the right person who needs to take over. It seems that this is not the case today since, at this point, the Conservative Party has no candidate to install.

In spite of Mr. Johnson’s attempts to regain his popularity, he is highly unlikely to be let off the books. The long-delayed report of Sue Gray about the string of gatherings that took place on Downing Street should shed more light on the string of events that caused public outrage.

The favorite to replace Boris Johnson is Rushi Sunak, while at this point, Liz Truss is a close second. Jeremy Hunt, who lost out to Mr. Johnson and the Cabinet Minister Michael Gove are far behind the first three pretenders to the throne.

When Is Boris Johnson Expected to Leave

It turns out that almost 90% of the punters think that Boris Johnson will resign this year, while those who think that the exit date will be in 2023 are around 5%. Around 6% of the bets are placed that Mr. Johnson will stay in office until 2024 or later.

Boris Johnson to leave office in 2022Boris Johnson to leave office by the end of February1.63Boris Johnson to remain a Prime Minister until July1.72Boris Johnson to remain a Prime Minister until the Conservative Party Conference2.32Boris Johnson Exit Date202220232024 or later1.575.503.40Will Boris Johnson be Conservative Party leader at the next UK General Election?YesNo1.333.25When Will Johnson Be Replaced as PM?20222024 or later20231.533.406Boris Johnson No-Confidence Vote Triggered By End Of February 2022?YesNo1.402.75Boris Johnson to formally announce his resignation as Prime Minister before the end of February 2022?YesNo1.174.50Johnson to resign before the end of February 28th?YesNo51.14Will A No-Confidence Vote Be TriggeredYesNo2.751.40When Will Johnson be Replaced as PM?January 2022-March 2022April 2022-June 2022July 2022 or later53.751.62Boris Johnson Exit Date20222024 or later20231.623.506Year in which Boris Johnson will leave the post of Prime Minister20222023 or later1.732.00Year That Boris Johnson Ceases To Be PM20222024 or later20231.573.505.5Boris Johnson Exit Date 2July 2022 Or LaterApril 2022 – June 2022January 2022 – March 20221.533.506Year Boris Johnson is replaced as Leader of The Conservatives20222024 or later20231.444.335Will Boris Johnson be Conservative Leader at Next General Election?YesNo1.203.75Year when Boris Johnson Will Leave The Post Of Prime Minister20222023 or later1.722.00Great Britain. Year Boris Johnson is replaced as Leader of The Conservatives202220232024 or later1.4454.32

Next Prime Minister Betting Odds

William HillMansionBetCoralBetwayBwinBetfairBetVictor22BetBetssonSporNationRushi Sunak2.752.752.882.52.752.882.382.242.252.75Liz Truss777.56.577765.57Keir Starmer9N/A9988888.58Jeremy Hunt8888868888Tom Tugendhat9999910108159Penny Mordaunt13121313151113111513Sajid Javid17212621211717182121Dominic Raab21211321152626212121Michael Gove17212121211717211521Nadhim Zahawi26N/A343434262926N/AN/ASteve Baker2931344141N/A3431N/A31Priti Patel29294151344129342629

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